Let car slide.So what are we waiting for?

Let car slide.So what are we waiting for?

Drift driving school The first practice Let car slide.So what are we waiting for?


I account by the illustration of such a car.I paint the part of the tire black because easy understand.

First of all,it practices at a large place.A car is parked in the middle of an open space and a wheel is turned until full.

Slamming the clutch pedal,get the clutch disengaged.Shift the gear into low gear.Please step on an accelerator.Turn the steering wheel to the left.Please just let go of a clutch at a stretch.Then a car slips aside.

How you do you fell about it?This is the beginning of the drift.The next, please just turn.When you tied a clutch, the rear may vibrate, but, please continue just stepping on an accelerator.Prevent you from doing overrev.

When I tied a clutch engine speed from being excessively reduced.To prevent an engine speed from being excessively reduced how stepping on an accelerator.The steering wheel operation is not necessary.Please maintain sliding.It becomes in this way if you fail.

A slide of a rear tire stops, and a front tire is slippery.This is understeer.Even if a rear tire slides, there are a lot of people who reduce an accelerator. Beginner's person can't draw a circle by car.Please become able to revolve for now.How to use the right leg is important.

If you can keep now spin, it's the next lesson.The next lesson is steady state circular.

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