Parking brake turn

Parking brake turn

Drift driving school The first practice Parking brake turn


This lesson is parking brake turn.Do you think cool about it on the narrow roads.Anyway, let's just it a try.Accelerate the first gear.

Relese the accelerator and press the brake pedal.And turn the wheel to the right about 90 degrees.Don't brake lock.Next press the clutch pedal and pull the parking brake at the same time.

Car start rear slide.Keep step on the brake pedal lettle yet.If car don't start rear slide then you should step on the brake pedal more.

But if brake pedal is strongly then front brake lock.It is failure.You sould have a lot of practice.

Keep pull the parking brake to this position.If stall in the middle then speed up.Counter steering on the opposite side.It is loosen the hand.

Next step on the accelerator and relese clutch pedal.

Keep on the accelerator for keep slide.But if accelerator is strongly then you will spin.

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