Steady state circular

Steady state circular

Drift driving school The first practice Steady state circular


After it could be keep spin,it steady state circular.Stesdy state circular draws a clean circle,and spin. I think you could experience that only by stepping on an accelerator, a car dosen't clean circle.Let try!!

Step on a clutch and shift the gear into low gear.Step on an accelerator.Clutch at astretch.Then a car slips aside.And keep spin.

Car begins a spin then you lose hold of a steering wheel.

Then a steering wheel turns naturally.It becomes the counter without permission.This is because a car is going to be stable by oneself. But it can not drift because it is condition to have let go of a steering wheel.

Prease slip like an upper illustration.Counterclockwise rotation.Don't lose hold of a steering wheel, and relax the power of the left hand. Right hand lose of a steering wheel like throw it below.It becomes the counter steering.The steering wheel stop if you grasp a steering wheel with the left hand.

This is an image of the steering wheel operation.Counterclockwise rotation.

Because not yet slipped,the steering wheel is the left.It is a feeling in press of a steering wheel by the right hand.You perform counter steering if begin to slip.

Relax the power of the left hand.Turn a steering wheel by the right hand as a stretch.When you want to stop a counter steering,You grasp the left hand.

The reason why do not get the hand off a steering wheel is that operate it quickly.The hand is reversed if it is counterclockwise.

The next Turns around amall is row gear.Keep slip.Keep slide.And clean circle. This is steady state circular.Steady state circular needs the control of sn accelerator and the steering wheel.It is a feeling to slide the front with a steering wheel,slide the rear with an accelerator. Keep a slide with an accelerator and prevent spinning with a steering wheel.

The next second gear if you can steady state circular by row gear.Shift the gear into second gera during steady state circular.

Shift the gear into second gear in a timing to release an accelerator.

You can not keep a rear slide if release acceleratoe.Please greatly step on an accelerator befor release accelerator. At the moment when you shift gear into second gear, revolutions suddenly falls.

You think that a radius of gyration grew big.It like a drift.Stesdy state circular is prerequisite for drift.The glance is important,too. Please look at the direction that you want to go.You clash with wall when you watch a wall.

Next,how to stop the steady state circular.

Release the accelerator slowly while steady state circular.Return counter steering because stop slide. Please return counter steering by all means.

The next is a cool method.

Turn the counter-steer with step on the accelerator.Control accelerator and turn buck steering wheel when become lower slide.I think it's the experiences you have that are the most important things. The important thing is see the direction you want to go.


If you will not turn buck steering wheel and release the accelerator then like this in regular circular turning.Turn buck steering wheel when slide end.

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